Assignments (excerpts) Assignments entrusted to Red Tech Consulting or its founder
Client Utility
Project Name Fiber Optic Business Strategy
Project Description Strategy development for a GCC utility willing to diversify its activities by entering the telecommunications market.
Client Ministry of Education
Project Name University Assessment
Project Description National university assessment in the area of e-learning and distance learning.
Client National Science and Technology Organization
Project Name National digital content strategy
Project Description Development of a national digital content strategy for a major GCC country.
Client Telecom Regulatory Agency in the Middle East
Project Name Internet Development Strategy
Project Description 50 projects defined to increase internet penetration, usage and security as well as provide the necessary regulation. Defined projects were included into the overall telecom strategy of the country.
Client Ministry of Education
Project Name NREN (National Research and Education Network) Definition
Project Description Definition of a NREN in terms of governance, services, architecture for a ministry of education department in charge of deploying educational services.
Client Telecom Regulatory Agency in the Middle East
Project Name International Benchmarking
Project Description International Benchmarking of carrier markets and regulations.
Client International Communication Service Provider
Project Name Development Strategy for a fast growing market
Project Description Development Strategy for one of the major international communication service providers. Recommendation included internal and external growth options.
Client New Fixed Operator in a GCC country
Project Name Strategy Review
Project Description Strategy review of one of the new fixed operators before it was awarded a license for broadband access and voice services.
Client Major Consultancy Company
Project Name Partnership with a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer
Project Description Identification of major equipment manufacturer as a key player and potential partner. Definition of partnership areas. Joint business plan development. EAI-based OSS architecture for NGNs and selection of OSS software packages. Facilitation of the investment into major consultancy company (joint venture perimeter, negotiation arguments).
Client xDSL provider start up
Project Name Business plan and financing
Project Description Regulatory opportunity identification.
Building the team to address this opportunity.
Business Plan to set up an alternative national broadband infrastructure.
Negotiation with venture capitalists and private equity firms.
Client Large UK-based private equity company
Project Name IP-based infrastructure for TDC's fixed operations
Project Description Recommendations and benchmarks related to full-IP infrastructure and IP services for TDC's fixed network operations.
Client Major consultancy company
Project Name Indian outsourcing partner
Project Description Outsourcing service offering strategy.
Identification of Mahindra British Telecom (now Tech Mahindra ) as target.
Acquisition negotiation and related business plan.
Client Private Investor
Project Name Middle East country mobile market
Project Description Mobile market analysis.
Investment risk analysis.
Client Consultancy Company
Project Name Telecom & media strategy
Project Description Telecom & media strategy for a fast growing consultancy company.
Service Offerings Definition.
Client Mobile Equipment Manufacturer
Project Name Enhanced Services Strategy
Project Description Strategy to develop advanced services on mobile phones.
Client Consultancy Company
Project Name Digital Convergence Market Analysis
Project Description UK digital convergence market analysis.
Client Major Consultancy Company
Project Name Vision 2001
Project Description Strategy for the Telecom & Media practice.
Client Telecom Regulatory Agency in the Middle East
Project Name Strategic Advisor
Project Description Advising the Agency in the area of telecommunications, internet and digital content.
Client Major Global Telecom Operator
Project Name Regulatory Analysis
Project Description Advising a major global telecom operator on the telecom regulatory environment of Smart Cities.
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