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What we look for
Red Tech deliver innovative solutions with speed, professionalism and partnership to top and senior management of stakeholders in the digital economies of Europe and Gulf countries requiring local knowledge and experience. To achieve this, Red Tech team members must excel in four areas.

Problem solving
Red Tech consultants help top and senior managers of digital convergence stakeholders seeking feasible and easy-to-start solutions within realistic timescales and budgets. Our consultants must have superior intellectual abilities, significant creativity, experience in the digital economy, as well as a practical sense of what works in complex structures.

Red Tech consultants strive to deliver bespoke approaches and distinctive analysis for our clients’ unique strategic challenges. This requires tremendous energy, determination, and judgment, particularly when working with multiple stakeholders under tight deadlines.

Personal impact
Red Tech consultants work closely with a wide range of clients or other Red Tech consultants on a daily basis. This requires strong communication skills and the ability to address conflicting points of view. Red Tech consultants must be adept at understanding the local culture and building trusting relationships with clients to enlist their participation and support.

Leading people and fostering productive teamwork are critical to success here. Red Tech consultants need excellent leadership skills to bring people together to drive positive change within organizations
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